Welcome To Coast To Coast AM's Live IRC Chatroom
LIVE Monday thru Friday 1AM to 5AM EST / 10PM to 2AM PST on the Premier Radio Networks

Given the diverse backgrounds and experiences of those who come to our chat room, we?ve instituted some guidelines and parameters. The expectation is that all participants will engage in civil and respectful discourse. If a channel operator warns you once about your behavior in the room, understand that you will be kicked and possibly banned for continuing the objectionable behavior.


1) Under no circumstances will we tolerate the following: personal insult or attack, racism, explicit sexual posts, spamming, or harassment of other users.
2) Cloning is permitted according to your server?s rules. However, clones determined to be created for hostile purposes (room takeover, harassment, etc.) will not be tolerated.
3) BAN EVASION: Please note that evading bans by changing your IP is a violation of your sorcery.net terms of use. If you engage in this behavior, an IRCop will be informed and appropriate measures taken.
4) Server and room rules disallow the following: Flooding, Mass Advertising, Harassing of users or IRC operators, UnRegistered and/or hostile bots.
5) Do not trade copyright materials. Additionally, discussions regarding hacking, cracking, or otherwise circumventing security on any site will not be tolerated.
6) You are not allowed to advertise in this chat room. Advertising other rooms, companies, off-topic ads/urls that are not part of the topic discussion is unacceptable without permission from a channel operator.
7) This is not a sex chat room. Do not post explicitly sexual remarks or articles in the room. Save your personal proclivities for a more appropriate channel.
8) Use of cuss words, expletives and insults: If your language is offensive, and/or you constantly insult other users, you will be removed from the room.
9) DO NOT harass other users. Once they have asked you to leave them alone, further contact is considered to be harassment.
10) DRUGS, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE USE, AND/OR ALCOHOL ABUSE: We will not tolerate general chat regarding drug and/or other illegal substance use nor do we find drunks funny or entertaining. Keep your recreational use to yourself and come to the channel sober. This rule will be moderated at channel operators? discretion when the topic of the show involves any of the items above.

Generally, channel operators will give one warning before instituting a kick. Whether a participant is simply kicked from the room or banned after that warning will depend on what has transpired up to that point. If you are kicked from the room, you are allowed to rejoin immediately. If you wish to discuss the issue with the operator, do so privately. In these circumstances, open room arguments with channel ops will be grounds for a ban. If your message or questions are rude or abusive, channel operators are under no obligation to reply and might even remove you from the chat room permanently.
PLEASE NOTE: With any removal or ban, you may at any time send your questions to any channel operator to resolve the issue.

You can join the chat directly with your choice of IRC client by connecting it to irc.sorcery.net and joining the room #coast_to_coast